Working with White Tiles

Continuing the discussion from Ortur Diode Laser Testing:

I’ve been amazed at the contrast obtained with the technique of spraying paint onto a white tile( even white paint ) and others have taken it to new levels. Or should I say new layers!

This is what one Ortur diode laser user did with a white tile sprayed with green paint and then sprayed with black paint. Amazing!


That’s etching is so awesome!
It really shows the Ortur’s potential.
The level of detail and the green…wow!

Can’t say it better than Travis…but that etching is impressive. Still haven’t really started playing with the Ortur but watching all you folks post so that I will be more informed when i make some time for it.

Wow, that’s really good! You’re giving me motivation to play with the Ortur further. My only significant discovery lately has been that despite the 55mm focal length suggestion from Ortur for the 20W version, I can get a finer spot if I move the laser much closer - like about 20mm. So I made an acrylic adapter piece to lower the laser, and it does work a lot better.

That’s very close but if it’s the best focus that’s what matters. Also though, at only 20mm from the lens you will want some very good air flow or else your lens will be soot covered very quickly.

Found a good video which used the same tile and paint I used and walks through not only the light painting of the tile but also goes into how to focus and why it is important to get that correct.

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Yes, thanks for the warning. I usually place it in a good breeze. And thanks for the video link, the detail is very useful!

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Painted Tile and Halftone

This video shows how to get some great results from white tile, spray paint and a laser.

It’s Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the white paint for pigment which provides this great effect.
Here’s an alternative way to apply it and more information on TiO2 :slight_smile:

Pretty cheap to try.
Seems you mix it in with paint.
Maybe I’ll apply on tile with my air-brush.

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the process is mixing the TiO2 with ethanol and air brush it onto the tile. surprisingly inexpensive indeed.

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