You know those annoying wipe towers?

I thought those Wipe Towers you get when you print with two or more colors are interesting. I was keeping them and pulled the Brim off of some of them.

Princess Lilli the Bean of Candyland came over Sunday and I showed her Zero, the ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas, the Minion cellphone holder from the Despicable Me series, Bob & Stuart Minion, and a few of the other projects we have printed. She went into the 30 year box developing next to the 3D printer and we spent over an hour building and destroying 3D Wipe Tower structures. Akin to Lincoln Logs (we are from Illinois), Tinkertoys and Legos.

After we had been building and destroying for fifteen minutes or so she asked why some had brims and some did not. I told her I had removed them from some, but not from all. "Grandpa, leave them on, they build better that way.

Lesson learned.

Yeah, Grandpa! Get with the program! :rofl:

It’s been years since I did much with my MMU1 when all you could do was produce wipe towers. While I’ve never tried it I remember reading that there were new options to the towers. First, I believe that if the infill is larger enough that you can transition colors INSIDE the object and therefore not waste filament. Second, my understanding was that you could designate a second object to be printed as a waste tower, obviously, with no say over size and color.

These may have only ever made it to beta projects but I’d be curious to learn if you can find those features in Prusa Slicer. Hate to cut into your Lincoln Log inventory so please disregard if Princess Lilli Bean of Candyland objects. We need to keep her happy!

Thanks, Travis

I looked for the “Wipe into a second object” function in PrusaSlicer earlier and found the item. You have to have two or more objects on the mesh bed, select 1, right click it, and from the pop-up menu select Wipe Options. Have not tried it. This makes sense to me.

Update on the MMU2S, which handles five filaments at once. Great concept, execution is a bit off. Mine faults out whenever I change one filament and I have to reload all five after a system reset. I need to contact Prusa and see what they say. The two previous trouble issue e-mails to Prusa got me verbatim printed book response which were not helpful, YouTube was.

The MMU2S buffer is a poor design. I opted for a modified buffer on Thingiverse.Much better concept but execution of design is a bit off - only 50+ hours of printing.

Main issues - the slots are too small for the separation panels - need to be increased by 1/32", the overall dimensions are too tight - need to be increased by 1/16" while keeping the screw holes in the same relational space, and of the 10 screw holes to hold filament tubes in place 3 are too big and needed to be semi-filled to hold the screws tight. Still, if you give the Prusa buffer 50 points out of 100, the MMU2 filament buffer by Foppemoa on Thingiverse:

would get Foppemoa 50.5 points.

Having fun with the 3D printer. Joyce has about eighteen projects in queue right now. Started a 23+ hour print last night.

Working on learning Fusion 360 right now.