Photogrammetry Software

During today’s discussion of the bamboo lab 3D printer the topic of photogrammetry came up. It’s an interest of mine and I’ve used it to produce some 3D models. I was asked what software I used but I couldn’t remember.

Below is a list of the top photogrammetry software packages. While many of the packages are clunky or produce results only after much effort, there are good ones. I used the free version of 3DF ZEPHYR which is limited in a variety of ways but gives you a taste of what this powerful package can do … at $300/month!

The Best Photogrammetry Software of 2022

If you try photogrammetry and like the results, then bring them to show us!

Here’s a related post but specific to facial photogrametry.

Bellus3D Facial Scanning for 3D Printing and CNC

Since I’ve also done some AI work I have setup a machine/computer with NVidia CUDA computational capabilities which greatly enhance the performance of various Photogrammetry packages. I’ve used Meshroom( Tutorial: Meshroom for Beginners — Meshroom v2021.0.1 documentation ). It works so well I even disassembled my FabScan( ).