Resources at the Shop

I was at the shop today and saw two things of interest:

  1. some reconditioned planes are available for sale at great prices.

  2. some books on hand tools and specifically hand planes are in the library.

@pauldove1, I have a question for you.

I have two old Buck Brothers planes I bought years ago before I knew what a good plane was like. I’ve often considered giving them away, thinking they may be better than no plane at all. However, I demurred thinking that a poor experience with a plane may be worse than no plane at all.

Your thoughts?

And, a bonus question. Have you done any lessons on sharpening and using a cabinet scraper (not card scraper)?


Before seeing Paul and Doug use a hand plane I had little appreciation for them. I’d owned cheap planes, didn’t know how to calibrate or care for them. Since I didn’t own the right grinder to sharpening I didn’t even know how much difference a good edge could make.

Planes didn’t impress me because I didn’t respect them.

That’s changed a lot in recent months. I’m still far from considering a plane an essential tool but I can sharpen, I can adjust, I understand some technique, and I’m learning. At this point I guess I’m committed to adding planes to my kit so I can identify when to use it and will know how to use it.

These are some of the SIG meetings which opened my eyes:

So I’m not misunderstood, I’ve had the handtool class at Palomar and I now have a very nice collection of Lee Nielsen planes and I use them all of the time.

My question is what to do with the old inferior planes. I could throw them away or give them away, but I don’t want to cause harm…

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Hi Ed.
Thanks for your note.

I am not too sure what quality Buck brothers planes were but I have a Buck Bros chisel and a couple of plane blades that are new and seem to be good.I have a couple of suggestions for you.

We could get together and look at them to see if they are worth passing on. If they could just use some restoration you could try doing it yourself, I would be happy to coach you, or you could donate them to SDFWA and we would tune them up to sell or give to the members at a reasonable price. We are trying to get good working tools out there and donations are very helpful.

Regarding your bonus question. This Saturday I am going to start a series of basic sharpening workshops. We will start with tuning up/restoring an old Ace Hardware chisel during the SIG.

I have not used my #80 cabinet scraper much but I would be happy to demo sharpening and using it in an upcoming SIG. The shop has a Kunz #80 that is really nice. It is in the locked tool lead cabinet.

If sharpening is something that you feel you need a little help with, we are neighbors and could get together here in the colony. I actually think that my garage, with the door open and a fan on we can do good social distancing.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Paul.

Hi Paul - I’m new to the club and woodworking in general and just acquired my first plane and I’d love to follow your upcoming workshops. Will they just be posted in the SDFWA YouTube channel? I’m very familiar with hand-sharpening knives but chisels and planes will be new to me.

Thanks in advance! - Jered


Thanks for the response. While in the hand tools class at Palomar I tuned up these planes the best I could and they marginally usable. I think it would be great if you could look at them and evaluate them.

I will send you a suggestion for getting together via private message.